ClickFix for Cool Edit

ClickFix for Cool Edit 2.1

Click and pop filter plug-in for Syntrillium's Cool Edit
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ClickFix is a plug-in for Syntrillium's Cool Edit 2000 and Cool Edit Pro that removes clicks and pops from audio signals. Together, ClickFix and Cool Edit make an unbeatable, low-cost combination for cleaning up vinyl LP recordings, 78s, and noisy radio broadcasts, before transferring them to CDs. Click and pop removal is a feature otherwise missing from Cool Edit 2000. Cool Edit Pro includes this feature, but ClickFix is easier to use, much faster, and gives comparable results. ClickFix includes a real-time Preview feature. This allows you to adjust the settings while actually listening to the results. ClickFix uses a proprietary statistical detection technique to locate clicks and pops. It does not employ edge detection or spectral analysis. This special technique results in MUCH FASTER, more accurate click and pop detection than other methods.

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